Tooling developing Procedure--5
Cutting Tooling Noticd
 Cutting Tooling Steel Notice 

P.O                    Tooling No. Resin                 Color        Shrinkage Rate            Tooling core   Surface of Cav.             Surface of Core             Full Name of 2D Drawing        Full Name of 3D Drawing                  Date for 2d Generating   Date for 3d Generating   Date for GA generating       Longxiang T1 Date 
PO --- LXGL---- PE black 
3% P20 Sand Blast
Sand Blast
G G 2018/1/12 2018/1/14 2018/1/22 2018/3/17
      1.The information above is for tooling fabrication, please carefully check it in order to avoid any mistakes.
      2.The inner T1 date marked is only available for Longxiang's inner system, the T1 date for customers will be extended 
        five days based on our inner T1 date.
      3.We will treat your approval for all of information above in case we don't get your comments within 3 days.
Prepared by(编写): Joyce Cheng
Issued date(动工日期): 2018/1/23

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