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What's the tooling developing procedure in Longxiang?

Golden 24 hours principle                            ----all the responses should be done within 24 hours!Step.1    Order Step.2    DFMEA  Step.3    Tooling BOM Form Step.4    Tooling 2D DrawingStep.5    Cutting Tooling Notice Step.6    Weekly Report Step.7    Tooling  3D drawing Step.8    Dimension Report of T1 sampleStep.9    Packing Information Step.10  CDStep.11  3000 cycles testing for tooling ejecting systemStep.12  Plastic Mould Operation Manual 

Tooling Developing Procedure--1

Step.1 Order1. Confirm Order2. Issuer PI3. Provide Engineers with part drawings   and special requirements

Tooling developing Procedure--2

Step.2   DFMEADFMEA(Design Failure Mode & Effect Analysis ) should be prepared before the 2D tooling design ,which should include P/L, Gate location, Ejector pins and the basic structure of tooling as well as the comments for any parts design defects.  This is a good way to save much time and cost for tooling design and fabrication.

Tooling developing Procedure---2.1


Tooling developing Procedure---2.2


Tooling developing Procedure--3

BOM Form Longxiang Group Limited Mold information Longxiang Project No   Basic information   Mold basic information   Project No.   Mold base brand     Mold base level   Customer    Core  Mateiral   Cavity Mateiral   3D product drawing File name   Hardness   Hardness   Received date   A/B PLATE   A/B PLATE   2D product drawing File name   Insert   Insert   Received date   Cavity insert Mateiral     Hardness   Cavity   Slider   plastic material Model no.   Lift   Supplier   Wear plate material   Wedge material   Color   Ejector Quantity   Oil cylinder Brand    Shrinkage rate   Pluger   Quantity   Surface treatment Cavity   Lead pin LKM    Ejector pin LKM    Core   Mold Life   Hasco    Hasco    Slider   Tolerance   DME   DME   Lift   Standard   Cooling system Diameter         Unit(inch/mm)   Lead time   Model         Mold size   plug         Mold weight   Jiffy connector           Injection machine requirement     Gate   Insulated sheet   Sprue radius   Flange diameter   Runner plate   Venting    Knockout hole   Ejector quantity   Eyeblot plate   Jaw   Ejector space   K-O Space   Side Lock   Taper Lock   Injection machine style   Slider location Slide retainer Spring Plunger Slider drive Mechanical  Oil cylinder Open stroke   Max mold height                 Space between tie bars(W×H)     Hot runner system     Other requirement   Brand   Logo   Hot nozzel   Hot nozzel quantity     Date code   Hot runner plate   Junction box      Slide Retainer                 Counter                   Remark      

Tooling developing Procedure--4

Tooling 2D drawing

Tooling developing Procedure--5

Cutting Tooling Noticd  Cutting Tooling Steel Notice  P.O                    Tooling No. Resin                 Color        Shrinkage Rate            Tooling core   Surface of Cav.             Surface of Core             Full Name of 2D Drawing        Full Name of 3D Drawing                  Date for 2d Generating   Date for 3d Generating   Date for GA generating       Longxiang T1 Date  PO --- LXGL---- PE black  3% P20 Sand Blast Sand Blast G G 2018/1/12 2018/1/14 2018/1/22 2018/3/17                                                                                     Remark:        1.The information above is for tooling fabrication, please carefully check it in order to avoid any mistakes.       2.The inner T1 date marked is only available for Longxiang's inner system, the T1 date for customers will be extended          five days based on our inner T1 date.       3.We will treat your approval for all of information above in case we don't get your comments within 3 days. Prepared by(编写): Joyce Cheng proofreading(核对):   Issued date(动工日期): 2018/1/23

Tooling developing Procedure--6

Weekly Report                 Project Name: LXGL182   P.O.Date: 2-Apr-18   T1 Date: 30-Apr-18   Report Date: 2-Apr-17           This is a weekly basis report which will be submitted by Tuesday each week for your kind visibility and reference. Process               Drawing Approval 2D图 Schedule       Actual status Detailed Mold and 3D Accessories Drawing 3D模图 Schedule 实际完成状况   Actual status Purchase of Steel 订购钢材 Schedule 实际完成状况   Actual status Purchase of Mold Base  订购模柸 Schedule 实际完成状况   Actual status Purchase of Hot Runner 订购热流道 Schedule 实际完成状况   Actual status CNC Programming CNC  Schedule       Actual status Cavity 前模 Rough Machining 粗加工 Schedule       Actual status     Electrode铜公 Schedule       Actual status     Heat Treatment热处理 Schedule       Actual status     Precising Machining cavity前模精加工 Schedule       Actual status     EDM/WC machining 放电 Schedule       Actual status     Wire-cutting 线割 Schedule     实际完成状况 Actual status Core 后模 Rough Machining 粗加工 Schedule       Actual status     Electrode铜公 Schedule       Actual status     Heat Treatment热处理 Schedule       Actual status     Precising Machining core 后模精加工 Schedule       Actual status     EDM/WC machining 放电 Schedule       Actual status     Wire-cutting 线割 Schedule     实际完成状况 Actual status Mold base machining 加工模柸 Schedule       Actual status Ejector System 顶出 Schedule       Actual status Injection System 进胶 Schedule       Actual status Cooling System 运水 Schedule       Actual status Polishing   抛光 Schedule       Actual status Fitting and Mold Assembly 装模 Schedule       Actual status T1 Trial   T1试模 Schedule 实际完成状况   Actual status First Article Test (before Texturing) Schedule 实际完成状况   Actual status

Tooling developing Procedure--7

3D drawing

Tooling developing Procedure--8

Dimension Report of T1

Tooling developing Procedure--9

Packing Information

Tooling developing Procedure--10

CDContents:          1.  Tooling  2D            2.  Tooling 3D          3.  Dimension Report          4.  Photograph          5.  Video

Tooling developing Procedure--11

3000 cycles testing for tooling ejecting system