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Plastic Grid
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Plastic Grid

What is the benefit for 123grids?

grass and ground pavers have a load bearing capacity up to 1000t/m²Supplied as 4 pavers (1sqm) pre-connected for rapid ease of installationManufactured from 100% recycled polymer  grass pavers / ground reinforcement pavers are British manufacturedPavers filled with grass or gravel are SUDS source control compliantgrass pavers / gravel pavers allow a naturally pleasing, environmentally friendly & free draining grass or gravel surfacePaving grids can be offset by 1 cell increments to fit around obstacles, while retaining a stong connection to adjacent pavers

Where is plastic grid used?

Car Parks / Coach Parks (Grass or Gravel)Overspill / overflow grass car parksEmergency Service (Fire Access routes)HGV service access routesAircraft taxiways & helipadsWalkways and disabled access routes (DDA)Golf buggy pathsDriveways and residential lawn parkingSUDS source control

What is plastic grid?

Grass grid  uses a modified high molecular HDPE and PP as raw material, Material adopt high pressure injection forming technology to suppress the nest bee continuous shell, three-dimensional space and certain support height and strength, green environmental protection, completely Recyclable. It realizes a perfect combination of parking lots with lawn. Grass paver has good properties pressure-resistant, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It enhances the quality and saves investment. The flat lapping type is unique. It can save labor, fast, telescopic joint regulation.